Friday, November 4, 2011

The Spencer Family

I know I say it all the time... but I LOVE what I do! And here is yet another example of WHY!!! I met up with a friend from college and took pictures of her kiddos for her! I got to catch up with an old friend while exploring the SC Botanical Gardens in the beautiful Clemson, SC.... what more can a girl ask for???? And to boot, my husband and kids tagged along (well, they stayed away for the bulk of the shoot, but met up with us and our kids got to play and explore together)!  I mean, PERFECTION! And another bonus: we got some AWESOME photos of my beautiful friend, Ryan, and her beautiful children! Her son, Cade, is 4; and her daughter, Peyton, is 2... and ironically enough - she was born with a heart issue..... we had already 're-bonded' over that one ;-)!!!! So much fun!!!! Anyway - enough babbling...... there were so many great photos - I had a hard time narrowing down the 'best' ones.... so here we go!!!! Enjoy!!!

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