Thursday, September 20, 2012

Diaz, Dutrow and Selph Mini Sessions

Oh, I DO love fall.... and I DO love my mini sessions!!! The best part, with the little ones, is that it's over before they even knew it started!!!  Here are a few from the past couple of weeks....
The Diaz Family...

The Dutrow Boys...

The Selph Family...

Sophia - 6 Months

Hello baby super model!!!!! She definitely gets it from her beautiful parents... inside and out!!! Enjoy sweet, sweet Sophia... I sure did!!!!! And yes - the title is correct... yes, she IS only 6 months, and yes, she IS already standing!!!!

Mason - 9 Months

This little guy just gets more and more handsome EVERY time I see him!!!! Can we say heartbreaker???

The Smiths

This family is full of energy and LOTS of fun!!! The twins just turned 2, and Chase is 4.... you'll notice that most of the family pictures are of them walking... that's because these guys are never still!!!!! We had a blast, and I am so pleased with the shots that we got!!!! I love that their mom thinks outside the box (and that she loves pictures where everyone doesn't have to be looking and smiling!!!! ;-) Honestly, those scream 'real life' to me, and they are my favorites too!!!!

Caitlyn - 12 Months

Seriously!? There is NO WAY that this sweet little girl is ONE already!?!? All babies are miracles, but Caitlyn Faith is an absolute miracle! After heart surgery, and various other medical hurdles, her one year of life has been packed full... she is beyond precious, and beyond perfect! She and her entire family definitely hold a special place in my heart! They are truly amazing!!!
I have had the honor of documenting Caitlyn every 3 months this first year! I have LOVED every step of the way!!! You can see her as a newborn, at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months by clicking on each link..... And... (drum roll, please) here she is at ONE!!!!

The Robinson Family

First, I did these two sweet and beautiful girls....

Then... I got to do the entire (extended) family!!!