Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Dillard Family

I am a fan of different... innovative... outside of the box (no pun intended... and you'll see why)! So when this mom called me with her ideas, I was beyond excited!!! And the results were awesome!!! I took ballet growing up, so I had a lot of fun reminiscing in the ballet studio!  THEN, we went outside for some family shots with the new family business venture!!! I love it!!! Super fun, and this is exactly what I love to do.... capture these moments and memories, so that they will last a lifetime!!!!

Luke Ayers

Luke just turned 2... and we did a little mini session with him to celebrate this milestone... but be looking for more of this sweet little guy next month because he is about to bring home a little brother or sister!!!!! I can't wait..... :-)

The Bubenheims

I say it all the time - I still feel like I'm in high school!!!!  Then I see my friends who I grew up with and to high school with... with their kids.... and realize that in fact, I am not still in high school!  Hey... age is just a number, right!?!?  But regardless of my age, it is ALWAYS a blast to catch up with old (young) friends and take pictures of their families!!!!! :-)
Here is sweet Charlie, and his soon-to-be-here brother or sister!!!!!!

The Autry Family

Such a sweet (and attracive) family!!!!

Raines Family

I always love catching up with friends we haven't seen in awhile!!! Enjoy these sweet little ones...

Julia D (3 Months)

Baby Julia is just the sweetest little girl! You'll remember her from her newborn pics... and she is just more and more beautiful everyday!!! I just LOVE her and her family.... and I LOVE seeing them every 3 months!!!!


Abby was such a cutie and so sweet....