Over time, I have accumulated some questions that come up quite frequently with my customers.... so here are a few of them that I have answered for you....

  • What is included in a typical* session?
o   In a typical* session, you will get an hour of photography, editing and post production of your images, and a digital upload to your personal gallery on my website.  From your gallery, you can purchase, share and view all of your edited images.
* A “typical” session is 1-5 people (immediate family)… if you start adding grandma and grandpa, etc – we’ll need to add more time to get all of the shots that you want!
  •  Do you have a studio? Where do you do your sessions?
o   No, I do not have a studio.  I do on-location shoots only.  I can come to your house, or we can meet at a park or somewhere with significance to you and your family.  Ask me about some of my favorite locations or suggestions, or bring ideas of you own! I am always up for an adventure!
  • Do you offer a CD/DVD with full rights to my images?
o   Why yes, I do! Just ask me about it, and I’ll be happy to give you a price! CD/DVD prices vary based on the type of session and how many images we end up with.
  •  Where do you recommend that I print my own images if I have a CD/DVD?
o   Glad you asked… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – DO NOT PRINT FROM WAL-MART OR SOMEWHERE OF EQUAL OR LESSER QUALITY!!!!! Use your disc to upload/post your pictures on the internet, etc.  If you want to print your images, I recommend: 1-Go directly through me; 2-Order from your online gallery; 3-Print somewhere with higher quality prints, such as Wolf Camera (www.ritzpix.com) --- just keep in mind that you may (and by 'may', I mean 'will') have to crop your images… hence why I recommend you let me do that for you! J You have paid good money for professional photos – don’t start skimping on the prints… you will definitely lose the quality of your photos!
  • How long does it take to see my photographs?
o   Typically, I like to get your previews and gallery uploaded within a week from our session… sometimes it takes up to two weeks depending on my workload… I will usually inform you of my time-line during our session.
  • Do you offer prints, canvases, albums, and other such items?
o   Absolutely… I usually email you a price sheet, but please ask me about them – It’s possible that I can forget things… I know – that’s a shock! I recommend ordering 8x10 and smaller directly from your gallery on my website.  Anything larger, I recommend going directly through me via email. I also offer one-of-a-kind cards (Christmas cards, birth announcements, Thank Yous, etc), albums, stickers, business cards, rep cards, and more… contact me for pricing on these specialized items!
  • How many images will I get?
o   I hate to put an exact number on any session, but you will get a lot of different images - I average between 50 and 100 per shoot (it really depends on who/what I am shooting)… and a lot of times, you’ll get 2-3 versions of the same image.  Don’t worry – you’ll have way more than you’ll be able to choose from! J
  • Do you charge extra if it’s not a local* shoot?
o   I charge travel expenses for destination shoots. 
*There may be a fuel surcharge if I have to drive over 50 miles round trip.
  •  How far out should I schedule a photo session / event?
o   Ummm…  the sooner the better! I have two kids and a family, so the sooner you nail down a date, the better! I prefer weekends (so that my hubby can watch the kiddos), but I can make most anything work with a little notice! As for events – please reserve your date with your deposit AS SOON AS YOU KNOW THE DATE!!!!
  • What in the world should I wear? What looks best in pictures?
o   Great question! Solid colors look great in pictures – but don’t wear just one color for the top and bottom.  If you choose a patterned ensemble, smaller is better. No stripes or polka dots if you’re wanting to look slimmer. Also, if you are worried about your arms looking bigger in pictures, wear ¾-length sleeves… no tank tops or tube tops! Heels for women slim down the legs! For families… I suggest coordinating – wearing the same outfit is not necessary (unless that is the look you are going for, of course!).  As long as you don’t clash, you’ll look great – it’s all about whether you want it to look more ‘staged’ or if you want it to look like you ran into a photographer in the park!  But most of all, wear something you feel good in!!!
  • Can I do outfit changes?
o   Of course.  Just realize that it will take away from your session time.  For little ones, 1 or 2 changes is plenty – they usually get fussy about that last outfit anyway.  For adults/kids, it’s totally your call, but I suggest a maximum of one change for a 1-hr session for the older ones.
  •  Can I/Should I bring props?
o     Absolutely! Favorite toys, sports props (that the kids are into or that interest mom and dad if they’re little), candy, balloon bouquets (5-7 primary colored balloons are my favorite for birthday shoots), hats, bows, flowers, suckers, chairs, etc, etc…. all make great props and change-ups for your session! Just don’t go too overboard – 2-3 things will be sufficient!!!!
  •  What else should I know before my photo session with you?
o   If this session involves babies or kids (and even if it doesn’t, this is good advice), don’t stress.  It makes the kids stress, and it makes it more difficult to get those relaxed ‘fun-looking 'pictures! Think of it as a fun time at the park (or wherever we may be shooting), and they'll relax and have fun with it!
o   Also, if kids are involved, bring bribes if you need to – candy, toys, etc. A lot of times, their favorite toy can make a fun prop!
o   If this session is for a baby, please be sure they are fed and full (hence happy – and sleepy, if it’s a newborn!) right before the session!

Do you have more questions? I will be happy to answer them!
Tammy Laterveer