Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Started...

Well Hello!

My name is Tammy Laterveer, and I have decided to turn my love of photography into my very own business! My love for taking photographs came from photographing my two adorable children.

[who are thrilled that Mommy has found some other 'loyal subjects'! You know when you call their name and they turn their head while shouting, "CHEESE!" that you may have taken one too many photos of them!?]

Then came my frustration... why oh why am I paying 100's of dollars for pictures by so-called professionals that I sometimes like???? This is when my idea came to me... why not offer personalized photography for my friends and family (and hopefully many 'strangers' - my hope is that we are no longer strangers by the end of our first session) at an affordable price? You get the pictures YOU want at a price that makes us all smile!!!

So here I am with my PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORIES... at your service! I will go anywhere (within reason... wink, wink!), and will photograph anything (again, within reason!!!)

Here is a tiny taste of my work... my own children, of course! And some landscapes as well!
Here are a few more of my favorite photographs...