Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corbin Elijah Nabhan - Newborn

At my last newborn session, I remember bragging that "I always win" and the babies eventually go to sleep for me....... well this little guy made a liar of me!!!! ;-) At 7 days old, nothing we did got him to sleep. I spent three hours with his family, and nothing we did worked. So I went back at a different time of the day a week later and spent another hour with them.  Turns out, little Corbin just wanted to be awake and not miss anything that was going on while I was around!!!! So we ended up with some precious newborn pictures of Corbin AWAKE!!!!! I stand corrected - I lose!  But I think we can all agree that this session was a win anyway! He's cute - whether he is awake or asleep (and don't let those TWO 'sleepy' pictures fool you.... he wasn't REALLY asleep!!!! ;-) His mommy was such a trooper, and big sister was a big help too!!!!!

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