Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chase Parrish (6 months) and Caitlyn Wiley (3 months)

In the spirit of getting myself caught up, I am combining a couple of sessions in this post...

The first is the Parrish Family... You may remember Chase's newborn photos and his 3 month photos... well here he grows at 6 months!!!!! He is such a HANDSOME little guy!!!! I just LOVE getting to see him and photograph him every three months!!!!!

Next, we have Caitlyn Wiley... she is 3 months old now - you may remember her newborn photos too... In the past three months, Caitlyn and undergone quite a few hospital stays, which included open heart surgery.  As you can see, she is doing much better... she still has a long road ahead, but I am just in love with this little girl! And her parents are such inspirational and wonderful people! I am truly honored and blessed to know them AND to be able to watch Caitlyn grow and progress every 3 months!!!!

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