Friday, May 20, 2011

Lacey Hart - Beauty Queen

Lacey and her mom were referred to me through Facebook... gotta love my marketing techniques, right!?! Lacey's mom was in a bind for some photographs of Lacey for a portfolio (she's in the Ms. Baby Georgia Pageant!) that had to be ready by the pageant, which is THIS SUNDAY... we got in touch on THURSDAY!!! Needless to say, we arranged for pictures that afternoon and I edited away long into the night to have them done by Friday... then there was the rush to get them printed so that she could have them in her hands by SATURDAY MORNING! Whirlwind - yes, but I think we got some good results!!! Lacey and her mom were so great, and I loved chatting with both of them... Lacey had a lot to say too!!!! ;-)
Good Luck on your pageant, Lacey!!!!! I think she should win!!!! ;-)

Her ribbons and crowns from past pageants...

Even a beauty queen has to take time out for a snack!

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